Great Lakes Naval Museum Foundation
Great Lakes Naval Museum Foundation
Great Lakes Naval Museum Foundation

About the Foundation

The Foundation has a Board of Directors that is dedicated to carrying out the objective of supporting the renovation of an official command museum at the Great Lakes Naval Station. The Boards include retired Navy personnel, including Admirals who served as Base Commanders, former Navy WAVES (Women in Volunteer Service), attorneys, retired banking and other business executives, the local Regional Superintendent of Schools, and other community leaders who believe that the dual goals of restoring an historically significant building and honoring the tradition of military service are important and relevant to the community. The Foundation also has a Community Board that includes prominent local residents with national reputations. The Community Board members include retired Navy Captain and Apollo 13 Astronaut James Lovell, and reserve Navy officer and Congressman, Mark Kirk.


    Scott Allen, President

    Scott Allen, President *

  • David Torma, Executive Vice President *
  • Frank Niederman, Vice President *
  • Ted Rock, Treasurer *
  • Rhonda Burke, Secretary *
  • (* denotes Members of Executive Committee)


  • Dave Truitt, Chair, Audit and Best Practices
  • Rhonda Burke, Chair, Communications & Oral History
  • Roycealee Wood, Chair, Events; Liaison, Community Board
  • Frank Niederman, Chair, Board Development
  • George Kisiel, Chair, Planning *
  • Robert Bied, Website

Community Board

  • Carl Ross, CmBd Chair
  • Frank Whittaker, CmBd Secretary
  • James Lovell, CAPT, USN, (Ret.)
  • John Andersen
  • Arthur Bruen
  • John Calhoun, RDML, USN, (Ret.)
  • Harry Chandler
  • Randy Ebertowski
  • Mack Gaston, RADM, USN, (Ret.)
  • Isaac Ingram, CMCPO, USN, (Ret.)
  • Honorable Mark Kirk
  • Martin Krasnitz
  • Robert Mayo, SCPO, USN, (Ret.)
  • Michael Mulqueen
  • Marvin Strunk
  • Dottie Watson


  • Jennifer Cobbel, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Frank Whittaker, Archivist/Historian
  • Robert Bied, Webmaster

Board of Directors

  • Scott Allen, LCDR, USN, (Ret.)
  • Robert Bied
  • Rhonda Burke, SCPO, USN, (Ret.)
  • Carol Jung
  • George Kisiel, AIA, AICPI
  • Ed Martin, CAPT, USN, (Ret.)
  • Frank Niederman
  • Jim Paulsen, CAPT, USN, (Ret.)
  • Ted Rock, CWO4, USN, (Ret.)
  • David Torma, CAPT, USN, (Ret.)
  • Dave Truitt, CAPT, USMMO
  • Roycealee Wood


  • Mark Jenkins, CAPT, USN, (Ret.)
  • Bill Maloney

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